August 21, 2018

3 Ways to Feel Comfortable at the Dentist

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Wondering how not to be scared of the dentist? Bluewater are experts in helping people overcome their dental fear! We will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed when attending appointments.

A Renfrew dentist from our team will put in the best effort to make your appointment a one of a kind experience. We understand that, for someone who is severely scared of the dentist, it will be extremely challenging to even set foot in a practice. Therefore, we always take the process of helping nervous patients very seriously.

How Not to be Scared of the Dentist – 3 Ways to Feel Comfortable

how not to be scared of the dentist

We will support you through every stage of overcoming your fear!

Find the Perfect Practice

The first step in how not to be scared of the dentist is to find a dentist you feel where you feel completely comfortable. If you had a bad or embarrassing experience previously and are still booking appointments at the same practice – find somewhere new! In remaining a patient at that practice; you’ll always associate it with negative feelings and won’t progress in overcoming your fear.

Also, if the practice you are currently going to doesn’t give you a particularly friendly welcome – this will be a sign of things to come! Nervous patients need support, and a dentist without a peaceful reception environment isn’t ideal. The Bluewater Dental team always greet everyone with a friendly smile! Our existing patients consider our reception and waiting area a very pleasant place to spend time.

Keep Positive

After finding a practice where you feel happy; our next piece of advice is to keep thinking positively. It is easy to let negative thoughts about past experiences creep into your mind, but don’t let them! Talk about your fears with friends and family to share your thoughts. Also, make sure you talk to your dentist if you have concerns, instead of research treatments online. They will be able to provide you with all the information you need.

Take Your Mind Off It

Still struggling with how not to be scared of the dentist? Do you have an upcoming appointment? Spend time occupying yourself with other things. This way you won’t have too much time on your hands to dedicate to worrying or stressing. Don’t concentrate on the date of the appointment or count down the days – fill the days around it so that you are too busy to think about it.

If you are booked in at Bluewater, our dentists will ensure that, while you’re in the dentist’s chair, your mind is preoccupied and you feel relaxed. All of our dental team have great communication skills and can read people very well. Because of this, we will make sure you are at ease at all times.

At Bluewater, we like to make sure that everyone is supported to overcome their dental fear. Why not take a look at our last post for advice if your child is afraid of the dentist.

Rely on the Bluewater Dental team to help you through your dental fears.