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We offer the best teeth straightening system at Bluewater Dental. Invisible braces Glasgow wide treatments from our experienced dental team.

Gain confidence with your smile again with help from Bluewater.

Trying to find the right teeth straightening systems for you? Our dental team always work with the best dental brands. The invisible braces Glasgow wide treatment our experienced dentists offer is ideal for anyone looking to improve their smile. You can expect a painless, discreet and comfortable straightening process with help from Bluewater. 

Great dentist and staff, really make an effort to put you at ease if you are nervous disposition. Have been going for years now and never had any problems. Can’t recommend highly enough.”


Ian Murray, Facebook Review

Invisible Braces Glasgow - Bluewater Dental

Have a painless teeth straightening experience with invisible braces from Bluewater Dental.

What are Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are an extremely popular option when it comes to straightening teeth – at any stage of life. We believe this is because the plastic, clear aligners are much wearable, easy to remove and much more discreet than other straightening systems. Just like those other choices, invisible braces are custom made for your gums and teeth. During the aligning process, your teeth will be gently moved horizontally and vertically, sometimes rotated.

Why use Bluewater Dental?

We understand that undergoing the procedure of teeth alignment is quite daunting. But there is no need to be nervous when you’re in the care of our dental team. Our receptionists will make you feel welcome the moment you set foot in the practice. Patient happiness is our number one priority, no matter what treatment you are popping in for, we always carry out procedures with compassion and consideration.


At Bluewater dental we offer two types of clear alignment treatments. The first is Invisalign. As mentioned previously clear aligners are extremely popular for those who have reached a later stage in life and are considering cosmetic dentistry. Because invisible braces like Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth are well hidden, adults and older people find them easy to get used to! 

Like any other form of dental straightening, Invisalign works by repositioning teeth over a 6 to 16 week time period. Of course the time it takes to straighten your teeth will depend completely on the individual. Therefore, after the initial consultation we will be able to create a personalised treatment plan.

Find out more about Invisalign.  

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth (QST) is the other of our two straightening treatments. A straightening system that also uses clear aligners, QST differs from Invisalign because it can only be used on the front 6 to 8 teeth. 

A well known and trusted brand among dental professionals, the Quick Straight Teeth invisible braces only fix mild dental alignment issues. Therefore, this is also very popular with adults. Both of our straightening procedures are carried out by experienced dentists!

Quick Straight Teeth alignment only takes between 4 and 24 weeks. However, as with all straightening procedures, you will need to wear a retainer after the treatment is over! 

Find out more about Quick Straight Teeth.

Invisible Braces Glasgow wide from Bluewater Dental

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