July 31, 2018

3 Tips for Children who are Afraid of the Dentist

child scared of dentist

Do you have a child afraid of dentist procedures? No need to worry! The Renfrewshire dentists from Bluewater can provide you and your children with the necessary support to overcome this fear.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our practice is a friendly, peaceful environment for families to come and feel at ease with their children. And so, we have a vast amount of expertise when it comes to giving guidance to parents to help their children move past their anxieties. We are dedicated to making sure our younger patients feel confident and happy when undergoing any dental treatment!

Child Afraid of Dentist Procedures – Bluewater Dental Tips

child afraid of dentist

We’ll help your child overcome their dental fear.

Use Positive Words

If you feel negatively towards the dentist, you should make every effort not to project that onto your children. And so, whenever you talk about a dentist appointment in front of them always use positive words. If your child is struggling with any level of anxiety towards the dentist, your language surrounding the appointment will only make it worse. Unsure of the best way to talk to your child about the dentist? Ask one of our dental team! We understand the most appropriate ways of communicating with patients of all ages.

Good Role Models

As mentioned previously, children are very perceptive and will pay attention to your feelings of dental treatments. Therefore, make sure you are a good role model! In helping them overcome their fear, you could overcome yours too. Use your older children and their older brothers and sisters as examples; bring them with you to their appointments and your own. This way your child will realise how easy and stress free a dentist appointment can be. Encourage your other children and partner to create a positive image of the dentist at home!

Also, outside the dental practice, make sure you spend time stressing the importance of great oral hygiene! Let them see you brushing, flossing and practicing what the dentist tells you. They will learn from you and be on their way to feeling positive about going to appointments.

Relax and Distract

Another tip we give to parents who have a child afraid of dentist procedures, is to bring books, toys, games etc. when attending an appointment. Use their favourite stuffed animal or character from a television programme as a way of settling them! Though it may not seem as a long-term method of escaping their dental anxiety, it is worthwhile and your child could surprise you! Obviously, our dentists, nurses and reception staff will provide any needed support during an appointment. But outside the practice, spend time encouraging positive thinking towards all things dental.

At Bluewater, we like to help people of all ages overcome their struggle with the dentist, look at our last post for more info.

Look to one of our dentists to help your child through dental anxiety, today.