3 secrets Behind a Beautiful Smile

Recently, we gave you advice on how to maintain optimum dental health, which will, in turn, help you maintain an overall good health. However, we know that a part of why most of us also take care of our teeth is also because we want to maintain a healthy, good […]

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Best Food for your Teeth’s Health

Our team of dedicated Blue Water dentists want to ensure you receive the most comprehensive information possible when it comes to your dental health, and so, following on our previous post where we helped you decide when it’s time to change your toothbrush,  today, we will help you discover the […]

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Do I Need to Change Toothbrush?

change toothbrush

Our Blue Water Dentists are dedicated to providing you with the best standard of dental care, and this starts with dental care at home. In our last post, we gave you tips on how to improve your dental hygiene, and today, we will help you determine when it’s time to […]

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Bi-Annual Dental Hygiene Tips

brush your teeth twice a day - dental hygiene tips

We previously discussed how hay fever can affect your teeth, and today, we would like to bring attention to recommended bi-annual checkups. June is here, and half of the year has gone by already. This means you should book your bi-annual dental check-up f you haven’t done so yet. Having […]

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Teeth Whitening Appointments: What to Expect

Thinking of undergoing a teeth whitening treatment? A Beith dentist, from Bluewater Dentist, are experts when it comes to all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. The process of teeth whitening can be confusing and lengthy, however with our help; your journey to whiter teeth can be simplified. From carrying out an array […]

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