August 28, 2018

Dealing with Dental Anxiety as an Adult

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Are you dealing with dental anxiety as an adult? We know that confronting your fear of the dentist can be very scary. At Bluewater, we’ll do all that is necessary to make sure you get through it in order to improve your dental health.

Many people think that if you don’t get over your fear of the dentist as a child then you aren’t likely to when you become an adult. You can overcome dental fear at any age! Once you have recognised your anxiety, a Renfrew dentist and our nurses will help you on your journey to managing it.

dealing with dental anxiety

We will help you overcome your dental anxiety.

What is Dental Anxiety?

If you feel nervous, worried or uncomfortable at the thought of making a dentist appointment, you will probably have some sort of dental anxiety. Dental anxiety can be anything from avoiding an appointment or panic attacks.

What are the Causes?

It is most often the case that dental anxiety will be caused by a bad experience when you were younger, or the negative thoughts and feelings of someone else influencing you. Though these are most often the causes, your anxiety will potentially be triggered seeing/hearing a drill or needles.

Dealing with Dental Anxiety as an Adult – Our Advice

Focus on Breathing

During your appointment make sure you focus on your breathing. When people are worried or nervous they tend to hold their breath, which only heightens your panic and stress. Focus on breathing deeply and slowly, a consistent rhythm will make you more at ease.


Another thing you can do to lower your levels of anxiety is to listen to some music. This way you won’t have to listen to the sounds of the drill or anything else during the appointment.

Talk to Us

Our last piece of advice when it comes to dealing with dental anxiety as an adult is to talk with us! We have a very experienced team who will be more than happy to have a chat. We will adapt our treatment to your needs and go at a pace you are happy with, without sharing your problem with us we won’t be able to give you the extra help you need.

At Bluewater we like to make sure that all of our patients are kept updated with the latest advice – especially when it comes to nervous patients! Look at our last post to find out more advice for feeling comfortable at the dentist.

Book an appointment with our dentists and you’ll be able to manage your anxieties!