May 27, 2019

Teeth Whitening Appointments: What to Expect

Thinking of undergoing a teeth whitening treatment? A Beith dentist, from Bluewater Dentist, are experts when it comes to all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. The process of teeth whitening can be confusing and lengthy, however with our help; your journey to whiter teeth can be simplified.

From carrying out an array of specialist private treatments and routine NHS appointments, we understand the needs of a variety of patients. As we mentioned in our last post, we know that attending dentist appointments can be stressful, and no matter what procedure you are having carried out, it is very beneficial to know what to expect throughout.

Process of Teeth Whitening – What to Expect with Bluewater

process of teeth whitening


Like any other procedure, the process of teeth whitening begins with a consultation. We will meet with you to find out which our teeth whitening treatments is most appropriate for your needs. We offer either Zoom! or Pola whitening. After it is decided which treatment will be most beneficial for your requirements, our dentists will talk you through the process.


If you opt for Zoom! most of your teeth whitening treatment will be undergone within the dental surgery, in just one hour.

Zoom! is an in-surgery whitening system that takes an hour. It involves the careful application of peroxide to the enamel of the teeth by your dentist. A specialised light unit is then used to accelerate the breakdown of the peroxide and thus speeding up the whitening process.

Contrastingly, Pola is an at-home whitening process.

The Pola bleaching system involves the provision of a kit consisting of custom fit bleaching trays and a series of peroxide filled syringes to be used in the comfort of your own home. The peroxide is applied to the close-fitting trays which are then worn over your teeth to hold the peroxide in close contact with the enamel. Over time this causes the enamel to lighten.

You can rely on the Bluewater Dentist team to carry out effective cosmetic dentistry treatments. 

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