February 25, 2019

How to Avoid Passing Your Dental Anxiety Onto Your Children

overcoming dental phobia

Worried you’ll pass your dental anxiety onto your children? A Bluewater Dentist can help you through overcoming dental phobia and so, reducing the risk of passing your fear onto your children.

How to Avoid Passing Dental Anxiety onto Your Children – Advice from Bluewater Dental

dental phobia onto children

Don’t risk passing your anxiety about the dentist to your kids!

Appointments from a Young Age

It is recommended that you start making dentist appointments for your child within the first 6 months that they get their first tooth. But, it is a must to book them in before their 1st birthday! If you put off making the appointment, because you feel uncomfortable attending, this uneasy attitude will likely influence and be mimicked by your child. If you’re interested in learning more about how to care for you and your children’s teeth and gums, take a look at our last post.

Talk About the Dentist

Another way we suggest avoiding passing your feelings onto your child is by talking about the dentist in everyday life. Normalise the dentist! Getting your children used to the idea of going to the dentist will make it easier to take them to the appointment when it comes. You don’t need to be overly enthusiastic about it or make it a big deal, just simply introduce it into conversations!

Overcoming Dental Phobia

Of course, the easiest way to make sure that you don’t pass your dental fears onto your children is by overcoming your dental phobia. This is easier said than done, but, if you want to make the experience of going to the dentist better for you and your family, it is necessary! The dental team from Bluewater are more than experienced in helping nervous patients and guiding them through what overcoming dental phobia takes. No matter how old you are, we will be able to help out!

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