November 20, 2018

3 Tips for Helping Painful Braces

how to stop braces

Do you know how to stop braces pain? The dentists are Bluewater are experts in creating beautiful smiles and we know the best remedies to help during those more painful moments!

A Renfrew dentist from Bluewater can easily help with all aspects of dental procedures. Specialising in treatments for nervous patients, we welcome NHS and private patients at our practice in Lochwinnoch. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry and looking for a straighter smile, we know what it takes and how up and down it can be. We will help and support you throughout the whole process.

How to Stop Braces Pain – Advice from Bluewater Dental

Soft Foods


Make sure you are taking the right steps to help with your pain!

After initially fitting an Invisalign aligner treatment for one of our patients, we always recommend eating softer foods. Though Invisalign teeth straightening is considered much more of a painless process than that of normal braces, there is still likely to be some form of discomfort. So, stock up soups, mashed potatoes and make smoothies etc. foods that you know you will be happy to eat while the pain eases up. Also, ice cream and yoghurt can be very soothing!

Warm Water and Salt

Why not try a rinse? If the pain is getting worse and lingering, it may be worthwhile to rinse warm salt water in your gums. Use it how you would use mouthwash and hopefully this rinse will heal any cuts or sore parts in your gums that have developed as a result of the alignment.

Wait Patiently

Our final piece of advice when it comes to helping to ease the pain of teeth straightening treatment is to have patience. The whole process of straightening your teeth will be a long one, it won’t happen overnight! And so, you will need to be very patient with the pain. It isn’t likely to be bad with Invisalign or QuickStraightTeeth, however, there may be some discomfort. As your teeth move and you start noticing a difference, you will realise that the procedure has all been worthwhile! A Bluewater dentist will ensure that you stay on track with your straightening while knowing how to stop braces pain.

As mentioned previously, we specialise in carrying out all different kinds of procedures at Bluewater. We love helping all patients; especially those with varying levels of dental anxiety! Take a look at our last post to find out how to manage your fear of the dentist.

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