November 12, 2018

3 Ways to Manage your Dental Anxiety

how to overcome dental fear

If you’re learning how to overcome dental fear, the Bluewater Dental team can help. We will ensure you are on track with progress, supporting you through the hardest and best points of the journey!

We are a family-run dental practice based in Lochwinnoch, with years of experience in helping patients of all ages in their mission to deal with dental anxiety. So, we know that the process of overcoming your nervous feelings may be long and difficult. Our dentists, nurses and reception team will be there at every step to offer guidance, a warm welcome or simply a chat when you pop into the practice!

How to Overcome Dental Fear – Advice from Bluewater Dental

Confront and Communicate your Feelings

man with fear of dentist

Don’t shy away from confronting your dental anxiety, Bluewater can help!

One of the first and most important steps in the journey of overcoming dental anxiety is to tell someone how you’re feeling. Though you may think you’re alone in your thoughts – you’re definitely not! Thinking negatively of the dentist is very common and often stops people from maintaining a good level of dental health. So, it is so important that you communicate to someone – whether this is a family member, friend or your dentist. Once you have been honest and expressed your thoughts to another person, you will be on the right path in tackling your fear!

Set Goals and Reward Yourself

Another way in which you can feel more positively about the dentist is by setting realistic goals and rewarding yourself when those are reached. Targets are important when working towards any kind of achievement! Why should your time finding out how to overcome dental fear by any different? Working with a Renfrew dentist, you’ll be able to create an attainable and realistic plan. This will cater completely to the level of anxiety you’re facing. If at any point, you feel under pressure or overwhelmed by the prospect of completing one of the targets set, we will rework them. These goals should help with managing your nervous feelings, not make them worse!

Contact a Psychologist

If we find that your feelings about dental treatments go beyond being managed by goals and plans, it may be worthwhile to contact a specialist psychologist. A psychologist will act as another support system and someone else who you can talk and turn to. In the quest to be happy and attending regular dentist appointments, seeking help from a psychologist is always a good option!

At Bluewater Dental we place importance in helping each and every one of our patients feel relief not worry when coming to our practice. This is why we think it’s important to provide consistent dental health updates and news! Take a look at our last post to learn more about straightening your teeth.

Trust a Bluewater Dentist to help in the journey of managing your fears.