October 22, 2018

Tips for Baby Teeth Care

how to care for baby teeth

Wondering how to care for baby teeth correctly? With so much information out there about the best way to help your baby when they start teething, we know it must be overwhelming and confusing to know what to do.

Our practice welcomes families with children of all ages on a daily basis and so, a Renfrew dentist from Bluewater is an expert in helping babies and toddlers through sore gums and teething trauma. Your children will be in safe hands during a visit to our practice, the whole team; reception staff to dental nurses, are there to make your experience as positive as possible.

How to Care for Baby Teeth – Tips from Bluewater Dental

Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth

When is Best to Start Brushing your Baby’s Teeth?

You can brush your baby’s teeth as soon as they start coming through! To do so, all you need is a baby toothbrush and a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste. Though it may not seem like much to brush at the beginning, it is good to get your child used to brushing their teeth from a young age. Include it as a part of the daily routine to make sure they get more and more comfortable with it.

How Much Toothpaste Should You Use?

For babies and toddlers under 3 years old, you should be brushing teeth with a very small amount of toothpaste. And for children a little bit older aged 3-6, you should be giving them a little bit more toothpaste, but only the size of a pea. It is important that your child doesn’t ingest too much fluoride – make sure you are keeping a close eye on how much toothpaste is used. Also, make sure your child is rinsing their mouth properly.

How Should You Brush Your Baby’s Teeth?

toothbrush toothpaste

Gradually build up the amount of toothpaste and brushing time you spend with your baby/toddler!

Knowing how to care for baby teeth and how to brush baby teeth will be different for every parent. However, you should make sure that, as your baby gains more milk teeth, the more thoroughly you can brush. The sensitivity of your child’s gums will be heightened when they are teething, so brush them gently, in small circles. Eventually make teeth brushing something that happens regularly on a twice a day basis.

Taking Your Baby to the Dentist

When Should You Take Your Baby to the Dentist for the First Time?

You should take your children to visit a dentist for the first time when their first milk teeth come through. This will allow them to become more familiar to the dentist and more comfortable with going to dentist appointments as they grow up.

Make Their First Experience of the Dentist as Smooth as Possible

Make their initial visits fun, distract them and create the impression that the dentist is nothing to be concerned about. Of course, at Bluewater, the dentists are used to putting children at ease and making their first experiences positive.

We like to share worthwhile, important information for existing and new patients. Looking for more dental advice? And so, take a look at our last post to learn more about how to choose the best toothbrush.

Trust the team at Bluewater to look after your family’s teeth!