April 19, 2019

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

emergency dental care

What do you do in a dental emergency? Dealing with emergency dental procedures is never easy. Make sure you know how to go about seeking instant dental treatment with this specialist advice from Bluewater.

As we mentioned in our last post, we understand that attending dentist appointments can be stressful and worrying. However, if you avoid important routine check-ups your dental health could be deteriorating rapidly and, there is every possibility that this would result in emergency dental procedures having to be carried out. Let a Bluewater dentist help you!

Emergency Dental Procedures – Advice from Bluewater Dentist

emergency dental procedures

Seek treatment from a dental professional immediately if your symptoms are serious!

Seek Help from a Dentist

The most important thing for you to do in the event of a dental emergency is to immediately ask for advice from a dental professional. You don’t need to panic! A Beith dentist from Bluewater will ensure your emergency dental problems are solved. We have an experienced team of dentists and dental nurses prepared to help you through any eventuality.

If you are unsure if you are in need of emergency treatment, you can phone up NHS 24! A free advice line who are available at all-hours of the day, NHS 24 responders will help you make sense of your symptoms and provide you with a professional medical opinion.

Trip to A&E

If it’s the case that you are unable to book an emergency dental appointment, you should make a trip to the nearest A&E! Though at Bluewater we do open later during the week and pride ourselves on our flexibility; there will be times that we are unable to treat an emergency patient. If we’re unavailable, don’t just try and deal with your pain or make efforts to ignore it, you need to confront it! Ask for a close friend of family member to accompany you to the hospital!

Don’t Make-Do with Temporary Treatments

The most valuable piece of advice to take away from this post is to confront your symptoms! Don’t self-diagnose and try and find temporary solutions for pain without making an emergency dentist appointment. Your pain and dental health will only get worse!

Trust the advice of Bluewater Dentist when faced with a tooth emergency!