December 3, 2018

Invisalign: All You Need to Know

does Invisalign work

Considering Invisalign? A teeth straightening treatment more discreet than braces, Invisalign is incredibly popular for those thinking of correcting their dental alignment later on in life. But, does Invisalign work? Let the Bluewater dental team tell you more!

Does Invisalign Work? – Advice from Bluewater Dental

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign straight teeth

Rely on Invisalign for a subtle way of straightening your smile.

As we mentioned in our previous post, Invisalign is a treatment for those who would like to have a more perfect smile without using normal braces. This straightening system is completely unique.

Does Invisalign work?

Our patients definitely have been happy with the outcome of their straightening treatments! We have seen Invisalign can dramatically improve not only the look of your teeth, but also your confidence!

How long does the treatment take?

Of course, everyone’s gums are different. However, the process normally takes between 6-8 weeks after the initial fitting.

Does the Invisalign process hurt?

Compared with traditional braces, Invisalign is a relatively painless procedure. There is likely to be an amount of discomfort during the fitting of the clear aligner, however, this will ease as your teeth start to reposition.

Why use Bluewater for Invisalign Treatment?

Bluewater has helped many patients – of all ages – achieve the smile of their dreams! Because of this we are extremely confident and believe Invisalign to be a very worthwhile treatment. Not only is a Renfrew dentist from Bluewater experienced in a huge range of different dental procedures, but we are also experts at helping the most nervous of patients feel comfortable and confident. If you are unsure if Invisalign is right for you, or if you are feeling a bit unsure Bluewater Dental team are here to help.

Place confidence in the Bluewater team when it comes to straightening treatments.