April 8, 2019

3 Remedies for Adults with Dental Anxiety

worrying about dentist

Looking for dental anxiety treatment? Bluewater Dentist are experts when it comes to helping nervous patients feel comfortable when undergoing a range of dental procedures.

Dental Anxiety Treatment – Advice from Bluewater Dentist

dental anxiety treatment

Don’t worry about the dentist! Bluewater Dentist are here for support and to put you at ease.


Meditation is a very effective dental anxiety treatment. Daily meditation helps to relieve stress for everything! It’s simple, free and will help you gain a more peaceful attitude. All you have to do is close your eyes, focus your attention and not let distracting thoughts in.

Deep Breathes

Breathing deeply is also another way you can help to eradicate negative, anxious feelings towards the dentist. Before you talk yourself out of attending an all-important dentist appointment, whether routine or surgical, (find out more about that in our last post), take some deep breaths, sit up straight, inhale through your nose and hold it. Let the breath out through your mouth. Doing this instills an element of being in control. This breathing technique will slow down your heartbeat, lower your blood pressure and relax your muscles. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed at the thought of even entering the dentist, take a couple of minutes to yourself to breathe deeply. You will likely find that it can make all the difference, and adjust your mindset.

You Are in Control!

Our final dental anxiety treatment and remedy is to remember that you are in control! A lot of nervousness towards the dentist stems from a sense that you aren’t in control of what’s happening to you. However, when you’re treated by a Bluewater Dentist, our main priority is making sure that there is constant communication between patient and dentist. Every healthcare professional at Bluewater has your safety and comfort at the forefront of every treatment carried out.

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