May 27, 2019

Latest Innovations in Teeth Whitening

cosmetic teeth whitening

Do you want to transform your smile? Bluewater Dentist always likes to stay up to date with the latest in dental treatment innovations. Our professionals are specialists when it comes to carrying out cosmetic teeth whitening treatments!

As we mentioned in our last post, Bluewater Dentist are proud to offer NHS and private dentistry procedures! Our dentists are widely experienced and strive to ensure that every patient receives the highest standard of dental care, no matter what their needs may be. We are a family run practice, and so, understand how to carry out treatments for patients of all ages!

Latest Innovations in Tooth Whitening

Bluewater Dentist offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments!

The cosmetic teeth whitening industry has advanced incredibly in a very short space of time. Thanks to developments in new technology and market demand from adults in their twenties and thirties, teeth whitening treatments are no longer considered such a luxury as it once was. You can now instantly access a range of teeth whitening products in high-street shops as well as online, most of which seem to have been endorsed by dental experts.

Charcoal Treatments

If you’re looking a cosmetic teeth whitening treatment with minimal intensity, a charcoal treatment could meet your requirements! Many brands of toothpaste are releasing charcoal toothpaste, which treats dental discolouration using activated charcoal. This method is popular if you don’t want to use bleach or abrade your teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste

Another popular alternative for those looking for less invasive teeth whitening treatments is whitening toothpaste. As with activated charcoal treatments, whitening toothpaste is readily available. Though this is a more gradual option and results are certainly not guaranteed when compared with a cosmetic treatment from a professional, whitening toothpaste can be effective when used on a daily basis.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening from Bluewater Dentist

Bluewater Dentist are passionate about giving patients the latest treatments when it comes to cosmetic procedures. This is why we offer two teeth whitening options! Pola whitening offers the opportunity to undergo teeth whitening within the comfort of your own home. Zoom! is an in-surgery procedure, which whitens your smile in just one hour. Throughout either whitening system you choose, a Beith dentist from Bluewater will be on hand to provide support and any answers to additional questions you may have.

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