May 14, 2019

3 Reasons Not to Avoid Dentist Appointments

Avoiding the dentist can lead to a decline in your dental health. In fact, one of the main causes of sore teeth is avoiding important routine check up appointments! A Beith dentist from Bluewater will make sure your dental experience is as positive as possible while ensuring that your gums maintain their health.

As we highlighted in our last post, avoiding the dentist can lead to a dental emergency! So, don’t put your health at risk. If you have any worries make sure you’re seen immediately by a dental professional. There are so many reasons you shouldn’t avoid a dentist appointment! Keep reading to find out more.

Reasons Not to Avoid a Dentist Appointment – Advice from Bluewater

causes of sore teeth

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Impact on Overall Health

Avoiding a dentist appointment can not only have a negative impact on your dental health but can affect your overall health. A dentist will be able to spot symptoms of what could lead to more serious diseases like gum disease or oral cancer. So, in avoiding attending a routine check up you may be putting yourself at risk of developing a serious condition. Also, a dentist can spot symptoms of high cholesterol, heart disease and even signs of labour for pregnant mothers!

Bad Breath

Another consequence of not attending dentist appointments is bad breath. A build up of bacteria in the mouth is normally the cause of bad breath and, removing this can be difficult to do at home! A routine dental check up is the perfect opportunity for a dentist to treat the problem and prevent it from becoming worse. Our dentists can access cleaning products and tools you can’t at your local shops!

Causes of Sore Teeth

Finally, avoiding dentist appointments is one of the causes of sore teeth. Regular check-ups and procedures make your teeth stronger! Your dentist can help if you have sensitive teeth by recommending the right products to use, can treat decaying and will make sure that your teeth are in the best condition possible to help your sore teeth and gums.

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