May 27, 2019

How Can Hay Fever Affect your Oral Health?

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Did you know that hay fever can affect your teeth? You may not have been aware, but allergies can contribute to tooth pain. And, now that hay fever season is well underway, make sure that you are informed of what to look for and how to protect your gums and teeth over the next couple of months.

As we highlighted in our last post, the Bluewater Dentist team are extremely motivated when it comes to informing both NHS and private patients of the best ways to care for their teeth. Therefore, you can rely on a Beith dentist from Bluewater for an expert opinion on your dental health needs.

How Allergies Contribute to Tooth Pain – Advice from Bluewater Dentist

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Have you got sore teeth?

We are all aware of how pollen and dust can affect sinuses and can even contribute to facial pain – due to a build of mucus. However, the largest sinuses (maxillary sinuses) are located directly above your mouth. And, when pressure builds in these sinuses it is common to experience tooth pain and sensitivity. If you are experiencing oral discomfort and you believe hay fever to be the cause the first thing you should do is to start taking antihistamines. If the toothache improves after you start taking them, then this is likely the cause. However, if the pain doesn’t go away then it may be the case that you have a more serious problem and you will need to contact a dentist if the pain gets worse.

Is your mouth dry?

As well as being the cause of tooth pain, allergies can also cause a dry mouth. This is because;

  1. After your sinuses become blocked with mucus you have to breathe through your mouth, which then leads to a dry mouth.
  2. A side effect of taking lots of antihistamines is having a dry mouth.

However, a dry mouth isn’t just irritating, it can cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath! If you have a dry mouth, it means saliva isn’t present and the main function of saliva is to wash away harmful bacteria. If you’re suffering from a persistent dry mouth, make sure you take a trip to your dentist to make sure everything is as it should be!

Do you have a sore throat?

Finally, a sore throat is another symptom of allergies – and it is another cause of bad breath, but brushing your teeth will definitely not help it! If antihistamines don’t solve your problems, one of our dentists will!

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